Corporate Profile

Company Toa Forging Co., Ltd.
Date of establishment June 1st, 1937
Capital value 14,200,000 yen
Address 688-1, Kawagoe-cho, Oaza Toyota, Mie 510-8122, Japan
Telephone +81(593)65-3231
FAX +81(593)65-3233
Number of employees 60
Company Arai Forging Co., Ltd.
Date of establishment December 1st, 1974
Capital value 98,000,000 yen
Address 8 Amanohara, Oaza Shinden, Myoko-shi, Niigata 944-0332, Japan
Telephone +81(255)75-2325
F A X +81(255)75-2327
Number of employees 42
CEO Yutaka Watanabe
Business Description Forging, Manufacturing metal structures (automobile parts, industrial machinery parts, mold design of bearing parts)
Member organizations Japan Forging Association
Center Japan in forging cooperative
Approval number ISO14001:2004 JACO-EC06J0010
ISO 9001:2000 JACO-QC06J0034