Machineless Precision Forging (2)

Plate curves are used as hearts of reduction gears. They were originally made by slicing and cutting the cylinder. Our customer asked us about the possibility of reducing the cost by changing the production process.
We again succeeded in simplifying the procedure into half and reducing the cost by using our forging technology.

Our customer was very pleased with the manufacturing revolution and the products brought by that.
There are chances that any products made by cutting could benefit from applying our forging technology.

[ Cyclo Disc ] Archieved 30% Cost Reduction

Material Cutting→ Hot Forging →Annealing→ Turning→ Hole-drilling and Both side ChamferingGear Cutting→ Quenching&Tempering

Material Cutting → near-net shape Hot Forging→Annealing → Mirror Blanking→Quenching &Tempering

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