All-in-one Forging without Assembling Process

The products we build are based on two key components–a flange and a pin. The process becomes more complicated as the number of components involved increases. This is the main reason why the cost increases proportionally.

We proposed to our customer a method we call the ‘Unite with axis pressing.’
First, a hole is made in the flange, and then the pins are cut, assembled, and collected in the heat forging process. This consolidation step makes it a concise and efficient process.
Besides, integral molding resulted in higher intensity and accuracy than in the past. Cutting cost and enhancing product performance were achieved at the same time.
Our ‘Unite with axis pressing’ technology can be applied to any complicated design, and it will reduce the cost and improve the strength of your products.

[Pin Carrier Flange] Archieved 22% Cost Reduction

Flange:Hot Forging→ Heat Treatment→ Turning→ Making Holes*Press Fitting*Two to One*
Pin   :Bar Cutting*→ Heat Treatment→ Turning→ Press Fitting*

Flange & PinAll-in-one hot forging*→ Heat Treatment→ Turning

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