Machineless Precision Forging (1)

Installing a high quality machine requires an enormous investment. One of our customers asked us if it was possible to forge a gear without removing the metal teeth. After 2 to 3 years of research and development, we invented the revolutionary forging technology Class JIS2.
Spiral bevel gear and Pinion gear shown in these photos are the parts of Reduction gear produced by JIS2 forging technology.

By applying the JIS2 technology, we could combine the processes of polishing and teeth-cutting. This reduction of processes brought a dramatic cost reduction.

We are expecting to apply this technology to automobile components.
Our precision forging will simplify your production process as well as reduce your cost and develop reliability of your products.

[Spiral Bevel Gear & Pinion Gear]
Achieved 25% Cost Reduction

Hot Forging* →Normalizing→ Turning→ Gear Cutting*→ Carburizing & Quenching→ Gear Lapping*

Hot Gear Forging→ Normalizing→ Sizing→ Turning→ Carburizing & Quenching→ Finish Turning

Bevel gear by the New Process
(Accuracy:JIS3 Equivalent to ISO 7)
Bevel Pinion by the New Process
(Accuracy:JIS2 Equivalent to ISO 6)
Teeth Contact pattern by these two

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