Dream-come-true Forging

Materials that are difficult to process, such as hollow valves, can now precisely manufactured by our forging technology.
Traditionally valves were formed by drilling holes in the center of padding.
These kinds of valves are used for engines of F1 racing cars, so the precision is important. The production process required not a few investment in time and money.

Our customer needed strong and cost effective Inconel steel so that they can fill the cooling agent of sodium (Na) in order to improve the fuel efficiency.
We proposed our idea of applying our forging technology to produce the hollow valves that can maximize inner space volume and flexibility in design.

We will continue our research on safety and effects of automobiles that are equipped with components produced by our technology.

We always strive to solve your problems and help you achieve our goals. Our forging technology will provide you with innovative solution. Please do not give up. Let us help you.

(Valve or Bevel Shaped) Hollow Valve


  • Cost Reduction : at least 50%
  • Higher Engine Efficiency, Less fuel consumption
  • Valve weight reduction
  • Lighter valve, more compact valve device
  • Effective Cooling, Longer Life

Material Cutting→ Tip heating→ Upset Forging→ Solution Heat treatment→ Deep Drilling

Material Cutting→ Hot forging→ Solution Heat treatment → Iris diaphragm spinning fabrication

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