Iron may bend, but I won’t

Yoshinobu Hattori, Sales & Production manager

Whatever request our customer leaves us with, our technical staff will provide customers with affirmative advice. We are confident in our ability to solve any task.

In fact, if the task is too easy we sometimes get upset.

Iron may bend easily but I won’t . Our senior executives are just like iron. Their passion is what we continue to follow. Not many companies succeed in following their corporate cultures, but we do. With this strength we rise to face the challenges from our customers.

In order to make a successful product for customers, we must endure the process of repeated failure. The process let the technicians use their inspirational judgment to achieve making products of high quality at a low cost by forging.

“There is a faint moment when heated iron is softened just what you want.” The state of the material always varies and can’t be numerically predicted easily. When we find the right equilibrium we call it a magic.

With a standardizing technology there may be a great deal of merit in performing mass production and also cost reduction. In the world of forging, however, it is very analog.

There are people who use their analog senses to respond. After the age of standardized mass production, we are now in the era of real quality, where the quality is more important than ever.

We bring forging with us at all times.