Failure,Serious consideration, then inspiration

Moritoshi Kimura, Engineer

Iron has an image of being hard in texture. I think iron’s texture is soft from my experience. It is always a challenge to make iron into desired shapes the next day. We mold iron to a product once it become flexible. One of the biggest challenges arises when it does not bend, and a serious consideration is needed.

When faced with these challenges I picture the task as a flag concealed behind a wall. Normally people would assume that the easiest way to get the flag is to climb over the wall. However, I feel in the moment you climb to the peak of the wall and have the flag insight the inspiration of reaching the goal fades.

If you approach this challenge in the same way as everyone else you can’t compare your skill. That’s why I choose the sly path to dig a hole. Choosing the best place to dig to reach the flag requires a great deal of serious consideration, until you arrive at that inspirational moment where you know exactly where to dig .In those moments the ability to overcome outstanding problems is revealed and the eyes of your people are open. You scramble for the nearest paper to jot down every part of your inspiration.
Its very rare that this kind of consideration continues more than a year.

The serious consideration is sometimes accompanied with a lot of money. However, each failure is a stone that builds a pyramid. The final stone at the top of the pyramid serves no purpose. It’s in this moment that the production sublime is reached. This experience is not the one that is endured alone but the entire team share this experience. We all share the reasons why we made mistakes. This experience fosters the strong teamwork.

This is the tradition that we have followed from our seniors. Lessons from the previous generation are developed and are passed onto the next generation.

There is nothing we cannot do. It is not a big difference whether the process takes long or finishes quickly.

Even if everything else fails, our president will apologize to our customers.