We bring forging with us at all times

Katsuhiko Saitho, Sales engineer

I always assumed that iron was something hard. Working with iron, however, I have learned that it can be made into any shapes. The more I saw how malleable iron was, the more I fell in love with it. Iron is used in various ways all around the world. Once I recognized the diversity of its multiple possibilities, I discovered a new realm of iron’s potential.

We seriously consider how we could reduce the amount of waste and scrap in our factories. Our forging technology has helped us minimize the amount of those.

IPad provides us with various tools at fingertips. In the factories, our workers carry the bags filled with forging tools and products. When we personally show our customers our products, they might be able to imagine what they want to order with us.

We always want to satisfy customers by providing ideal products. It is the strongest motivation to see customers smile. We are confident that our products are always made with the best quality. Achieving goals and sharing customers’ satisfaction are important among workers.

Gratitude is the most important value at our company. We start every morning by checking etiquette. Workers greet each other on a regular basis. We praise the person who greet the best every four months.