The Revival of ‘Made In Japan’

Yutaka Watanabe, CEO

These days I feel that Japan has lost some of its fighting spirit. Japan is still a country with power, but I think that being afraid of failure risks the true potential. It is one of the trends that people believe their efforts would not lead to success.

I totally disagree with this ideology. People striving towards their goals are filled with power and energy. Our employees are this kind of people. Watching them at work faced with challenges, is a truly powerful sight.
The source of motivation while entering into the unknown to solve a customer’s request is not lost by the possibility of failure. We place emphasis on maintaining strategic goal setting for the future

Our products were born from the traditional Japanese corporate culture, and we aim to be recognized internationally. When this goal is achieved, we believe our corporate value rises.

I want to revive the ‘Made In Japan’ industry. I want to challenge common sense. Customers are the wonderful helpers to do this. We also want to work closely and cooperate with partners.

In a fast changing world it might be easy to abandon what was considered to be common sense. We will work hard to satisfy the need and demand in the world.

A drawing board is the starting point of everything.