We aim to be a field where we support,
learn from each other and grow together.

Job Opportunities

You can be seriously enthusiastic about your work if you have a a sense of “drive”.
When you have drive, you are motivated to work without being forced. 
Pursuing the perfect “solution” with that kind of mindset will elevate you and your team. Our corporate culture and environment always support employees such mindset.
Even if you don’t have any experience or you come from a different industry, we are looking forward to working with you with such passion.

“We are looking forward to hearing from you!”

-People who are not satisfied with the status quo.

I would like to work with people who cannot be satisfied with the status quo.
The kind of person who is always looking for ways to improve. You are growing today more than yesterday, next year more than this year, when you look back. I want you to be that kind of person. You should be able to grow with your surroundings. That is the kind of person I want my employees to be. “(President Watanabe)

“People who love the “free niche”

“Our company’s niche is a great place to work for people who love manufacturing.
Because of the close proximity to seniors and executives, you can see high technology up close and work collaboratively with the experts. Also, in the spirit of “self-sufficiency” (!) We design our own robots and manufacture our own molds. In this sense, we work without being bound by existing limitations or common sense, Instead we value inspiration and intuition.
If you are the kind of person who wants to “freely exercise your own abilities,” then this company may be the perfect fit for you.” (Executive Director Kimura)

“-Someone who values communication.”

“Our strength is to meet the high needs of our customers:
“We have no drawings, but we want mass production.”
“I’ve combined four parts, can you make it in one piece?”
“I have combined four parts, can you make it in one piece?”
“I used to have a two-week delivery time, but now I want it done in three days.”
These kinds of demands drive us to work together with the spirit of “Let’s do it,” but communication is equally important for the team.
In order to meet the needs of our customers, we need to have advanced technology, of course, but we also need to have good communication among our staffs on a regular basis.
We prefer people who are positive, open, cheerful, and willing to communicate.” (Director Hattori)

“We aim to create a field where people can learn and grow together.”

e aim to create a field where people learn and grow from each other:
An organization cannot be formed only by people with positive thinking and a loud voice. There must be people like that, and also there must also be people who are cautious and need encouragement to take a step forward. An environment where a diverse group of people can come together and share discourse. There may be difficult times and hardships, but if we can see the next stage, we can look forward to growth. We aim to create a field where people support each other, learn from each other, and grow.

“We have the following systems”

― We have a system called “Human Resource” Project:

Each employee sets individual goals as a semi-annual initiative. The leader will follow up with the participants as they work toward their goals and evaluate their performance at the end of the term.

― SDGs

Iron is the most abundant substance on the earth. As a material, iron has a very high recycling rate. Iron is our trade so, we are constantly pursuing technological improvement and focusing on reducing materials and processes to the utmost limit to cut down on losses. It is our ultimate goal to reduce our impact on the environment. The cornerstone of our work is to do work that makes the earth happy. While contributing to society through manufacturing, we are also contributing to the future.

― When you join the company:

First, you will receive a lecture from the site manager.
After that, senior employees will provide on-the-job training in the relevant department, carefully guiding the new employee to fully demonstrate their good personality in accordance with the new employee’s skills and experience.

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