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Toa Forging was established.

In 1937, Yoshie Moriyama established Toa Forging Co., Ltd. in the town of Takatsuji, Showa Ward in Nagoya City. After the World War II the whole country was in confusion, and there was a high demand for industrial products and commodities, such as railroad parts, machine parts, axes, pans, pots, and kettles. We succeeded in meeting fast-changing customers’ needs, and developed forging technology that is the foundation of our current expertise.
A Mie plant was built in 1962, and it has become corporate headquarters later. A rotary forging machine (rolling mill) from Germany was added to the production line. This allowed us to bring out stable and high quality products. The company has become the forging company for rings with little waste and superior quality.

Arai Forging was established.

The reputation and expectation of Toa Forging became higher more than ever.
Arai Forging Co., Ltd. was established in Myoko City of Niigata Prefecture in 1974 as a joint venture with Sumitomo Heavy Machinery Industries (Current ratio: Toa 86%, Sumitomo 14%). The plant specialized in gear materials, hammers, and press molding.


1976Production line 3 tons (ARAI)
19793000T press line operation automatic machine Ring Mills (ARAI)
1987Machining started (TOA)
1991Fully automatic operation rolling forging line (TOA)
1996All automatic Rolling Forge operation line (TOA)
19981600T line operation Machining started (ARAI)
1999Began Machinery processing (ARAI)
2003ISO9001 Certification (TOA&ARAI)
2006ISO14001 Certification (TOA & ARAI)
20071500T line operation (TOA & ARAI)
2009R1000 (TOA)
20113500T line operation (ARAI)
2500TCold forging press in operation(ARAI)
Cold Press Augmentation(ARAI)
Mass production of mirror blanking products started
Bevel Gear & Pinion (complete set) mass production started
Mass production of parking gears (finished single product) started
2017Cold forging factory started(TOA)
2018Mass production of forged hypoid gears and pinions (complete set) started
20184000T line in operation(ARAI)

Cutting Factory expansion and automation(ARAI)
2022Cutting Factory renewal(TOA)

Monozukuri Research Institute

2011We have established a new research space and are focusing on further refining our forging technology and research and development in order to accurately respond to the advanced demands of our domestic and overseas customers.
2012Exhibited at the international industrial trade fair “Hannover Messe 2012
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