Forging technology of Toa & Arai Forging Co.,LTD.

“Forging” is a manufacturing method in which iron is beaten and forged without melting it to increase its strength and hammer it into the intended shape.
We develop and manufacture mold-forged parts not only for vehicles and many other fields.
In order to “solve our customers’ problems,” we are always thinking about what is possible with our production methods to cultivate our unique technological capabilities.
Our mission is to use precision forging technology to manufacture commercial parts with high quality and cost advantages, and to provide a stable supply.
Our specialty is speed. Efficient processes lead to cost advantages which is how we always meet the expectations of our many satisfied customers.

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Our designers will draw your product for you so we can carry out mass production.

The customer thought it would probably be impossible. After making a precise sketch of the actual product and creating drawings in-house, the first product was posted within four months of the request. Mass production took about six months. Parts can now be procured reliably, greatly reducing costs for our customer.

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To make the impossible possible, we do not stick to convention,
but change the way we look at things to meet the needs of the customer.

“We were asked by a customer to manufacture a part that is very expensive to machine because of its special long length. But they wanted to know “Can you manage to manufacture it at a low cost? ”

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One-stop integrated manufacturing multi-process, multi-parts,
multi-procurement products. This enables significant cost
and man-hour reductions, as well as stable supply.

The customer asked if we could forge a product that originally consisted of four parts all at once. We can provide a one-stop service, starting from the drawing, manufacturing the molds in-house, and ending with mass production. We also have a full lineup of precision inspection equipment, which enables us to provide a stable supply.

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Converted cutting process to machining-less forging and shaping materials supply.

The customer asked if we could cut costs by reducing the number of processes. By supplying machining-less forging and shaping, we were able to reduce the number of processes by about half, resulting in cost reductions.

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Speedy response to projects with short delivery times and cost reductions.

A customer who had been considering reducing the cost of parking gears. With precision forging, we can significantly reduce costs from existing products.
The delivery date for the prototype was within 3 months. The pressure was great, though, We are a one-stop shop from precision mold production to mass production, cost reduction and time saving. We value customer privacy and ensure your trade secrets are safe with us..

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Our products

The following is a list of our main forging products. These products are not standard products, but have been designed and improved to meet customers’ requirements. It’s our pleasure this list helps you refer to consult with us about your requirements.

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Challenging New Craftsmanship

We forge strong parts for automobiles and industrial machines. Forging is a skill where iron is beaten into any shapes.
We have accumulated experiences of forging in the past decades of years.
Our knowledge and skills are to serve many customers worldwide. We are very proud of our ‘Made In Japan’ craftsmanship

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