Q1: Is it possible to develop even a single part?

A1: We can handle even a single part, but since forging requires the fabrication of a mold, we will need to consult with you about the cost of the mold.

Q2: Can we consult without drawings?

A2: Yes, if you have product samples.

Q3: What is the process from consultation to delivery?

A3: The standard transaction flow is as follows:

■Consultation and meeting start

■Receive customer’s drawings → Submit proposal, drawings, and reference quotation

■Meeting to finalize specifications → Contract

■Final drawings completed

■Arrangement of molds, jigs, tools and inspections

■Prototyping and mass production

■Inspection and shipping

Please contact us first to discuss your requirements. You can also use this e-mail form to contact us.

Q4: What is the accuracy grade of forged gears?

A4: The accuracy of forged gears is about the same as the old JIS standard grade 4 and the new JIS standard grade 7.